Welcome to the Moose Society!

We may be sold out but you can still join by grabbing one off the floor on Opensea and starting your journey today!
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Mini Moose Society
moose society

mini moose

Welcome to the Mini Moose Society! These Mini Moose have been rescued from the evil clutches of the Mutant Moose! Each one of these Mini Moose gives you the power to choose which path you take in the next part of our project. You can choose a Hero Box or a Serum, the choice is up to you! Help save Moose Island or join forces and take it down!

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Ultra 1 of 1's
moose society


The Society Hideouts are what you need to claim your companion collection in the future. Each Mini Moose is assigned a hideout. There are only 2500 available. Pair this with your Hero or Mutant Moose after you evolve them.

Mutant Hideouts
Hero Hideouts
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Society Hideouts
Hero Box PNG-cutout
Hero Boxes
moose society

hero boxes

These Hero Boxes are used to evolve your Mini Moose into a Super Moose! Need a Mini? Grab 2 OG Moose and Stake for 90 days to get a FREE Mini Moose! There are 1250 Hero Boxes Available. 25 Ultra 1 of 1’s with over 200+ hand drawn traits!

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moose society


This is where you will be evolving your mini moose into your super hero using the box above. Don’t worry, we normally don’t mess up in the lab, we just have happy little accidents.

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Mini Moose
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hero Boxes
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Super hero Holders
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Evolution Chamber
Moose Society 2.0

Our Roadmap

2022 is going to be a break out year for NFTs in general and we want you along for the ride! Join now and take advantage of everything we have to offer! Community & Charity go hand in hand. Join the herd today!
500 Launched
On December 24th, 2021 we released 500 of the OG moose on to the Ethereum blockchain. The first holders to mint the first 500 were rewarded with a Society Elders role in Discord.
4500 Launched
On January 8th, 2022 we released the remaining moose to roam. This is when the community grew and the project took off!
Acquire Sandbox
We acquired Sandbox LAND (118, -203) and are planning on creating The Moose Society Metaverse! We raised funding for the Mini Moose Mint and started distributing the Moose Island Land Plot NFTs!
1/2 Charity Donation
We have raised 1/2 of the original amount of $5000 so far. We are planning on making the final donation when we reach that milestone. Funding was raised for Hero Boxes & Serums.
Mini Moose Launch
We are planning on launching the Mini Moose Collection around March 24th, 2022. We will also be releasing the TRAX Token ICO information and details.
Society Vault
Once we sell out, we will open the vault and reward the society! Launch Sandbox P2E Game. Charity donation and launch of "real world rewards"

Society Rewards

We wanted to make the minting process fun and something to look forward to. We picked these moose because of their character. Mint one and you might have the chance at winning something amazing!
Once All of the Island Plots Have Been Assigned, We Will Choose One Lucky "Members Only Moose" to Take The VIP Spot on the Island.
Once This Magnificent Moose is Minted, We Will Choose 1 LUCKY Holder Who Owns a Moose Wearing a Golden Jacket to Win $500 in ETH!
Once This Magnificent Moose is Minted, We Will Choose 1 LUCKY Holder Who Owns a Moose With Broken Antlers to Win $750 in ETH!
We Will Choose 1 LUCKY Holder Who Owns a Moose With A Rainbow Beard to Win $1000 in ETH during PRIDE Month! October 1st-31st, 2022!
The owner of this Moose will get $1000 in ETH & we will donate a portion to Breast Cancer Research!
Once this Moose is minted, we will choose one lucky holder from the Cemetery Herd to win $500 in ETH!
Once this moose is in someone's wallet, we will choose one lucky Chain Gang Moose to win $500 in ETH!
$The holder of this lucky moose will win a pair of Rayban's valued at $300! Or, you can take the ETH! Good Luck!

meet our team

This team was build on trust and communication. We all have one common goal in mind, helping children with health issues. I am proud of the team we have put together and we hope you are as well.
Joseph Rainaldi
Creator/Co-Founder | Project Lead | Social Media | Voice Over Artist | Crypto Mining Enthusiast
Sean Sandridge
Co-Founder Security Specialist | Crypto & Blockchain Investor | Backend & Financials | NFT Degen
Artist of Heroes & Mutants Fuse Bead Spray Paint Art | NFT Veteran | Creative Muse Passionate Artist
Amulay Prakash
CTO | Smart Contracts Integrations | Web3 Security Sandbox Dev | Tokenomics Developer
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